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Sightseeing Bus Trips departing Michigan

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Travel Treasures and Tours was born to deliver you the best sightseeing bus tours and adventures departing from the Metro Detroit area here in Michigan. So not to confuse, we want to explain that throughout this article we will use the terms Sightseeing Bus Tour and Sightseeing Bus trip as interchangeable. They both mean the same thing.  A sightseeing bus tour is an act of taking a bus tour or motorcoach trip to one or more locations of interest.  We offer a large variety of types of sightseeing tours to suit your needs. From 1 day sightseeing trips to overnight sightseeing adventures to extended sightseeing tours, we got you covered for the amount of time you need to unwind and take in the sights.  No need to look up for “sightseeing bus tours near me” because we have you covered for everything you need.

We offer local and out of state tours, if you’re looking for a tour here inside Michigan we showcase some of the best. Or if you’re looking to explore outside the state we offer some fantastic tours that head to New York City, Washington D.C., and Tunica just to name a few.  There are many reasons these places may be considered as places of interest.  This could be for history, knowledge, entertainment (shows), scenic views, and more.  Below we will go into more detail on the different types of Sightseeing tours there are and examples of trips we offer.  As you will notice, many of the different types of sightseeing trips will overlap with one another.  However, we will provide links to help you find the sightseeing tours you are looking for.

In this post, we are mainly going to be talking about the lengths of sightseeing bus trips not all the different categories of sightseeing tours.  That will be broken up into several posts in the future.

One Day Sightseeing Trips

Click here to see our list of 1 day Sightseeing Tours

Frankenmuth Day Trip When people look up the phrase online, Sightseeing bus trips near me, this is what they are looking for.  As the name suggests, these are Sightseeing Tours that only last a day.  Typically the Sightseeing trip will begin in the morning and return at night.  Because these tours have to return the same day, they typically visit locations that near you and are only a couple of hours away.  Frankenmuth day trip is a perfect example of a sightseeing day trip near me.  Frankenmuth is only about 2 hours away from most of our pickups.

Our Frankenmuth bus trip in November is set up to be the perfect trip to get your ready for the Holiday Season coming up.  We will visit Birch Run to get some holiday shopping in.  Then we will continue into Frankenmuth heading straight to Bavarian Inn have their Famous chicken.  We will give extra time after lunch so you can visit all the shops in the area to get your pie mixes, syrups for Christmas morning breakfast, cheese for appetizers, and more.  Once we leave there we will head over to St. Julian’s Winery so everyone can stock up for their holiday parties or a nice gift for that Wine lover they know.  But we aren’t done yet.  Before heading home we will take a bus trip to Bronners for a couple of hours so you can purchase your holiday decorations.  This trip is perfect right before the holiday season.

View of Put-In-Bay Put-In-Bay bus trip is another example of a Sightseeing Bus Tour near you.  Put-In-Bay is an Island in Ohio that features interesting and unique places to visit on the Island of Put-In-Bay.  You’ll be transported around the island of Put in Bay by a tram.  A tram is like a train of golf carts strung together steered by one person.  This person will also narrate all the interesting sights and locations that you will pass and visit while on the island.  Essentially, he or she is providing a guided tour of the island.


French Connection Bus Tour to Canada We even have sightseeing day trips to Canada.  One such trip is our French Connection Tour in Windsor.  This includes a step on the bus tours guide that will take you around the Windsor, ON area for a guided sightseeing tour you will find both entertaining and educational. The step-on bus tour guides are like actors that will dress the part in clothing from 17th Century “New France” and play roles to tell a story.  This is one of many guided step-on bus tours that Travel Treasures runs where we use experts from the area to tell a better story than our tour director ever could.


Overnight Sightseeing Trips

Click here to see our list of 2 Day Sightseeing Tours

As the name suggests these are sightseeing tours that have an overnight stay at a hotel.  When choosing whether an overnight sightseeing tour is done as a day trip or an overnight trip, there are three main things considered.  How far away is the destination for the sightseeing or event?  How long are we spending at that location?  And what time is the event(s)?

Vera Bradley Bags A perfect example of this is our Vera Bradley TourThis tour has so much included that it has to be an overnight sightseeing tour.  That’s part of what makes this trip so special.  On all our sightseeing tours we look to add cool and interesting locations to visit along the route.  And this trip will not disappoint.  We visit a Pickle Factory, Winery, Chocolate Factory, and a Craft Village to make the journey as entertaining as the destination.  This probably goes without saying but obviously we will have a time slot with VIP access to the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.


Taste of Chicago Another example of an overnight sightseeing tour is also probably our most popular overnight sightseeing bus trip, the Chicago Tastefest.  Now we have seen Chicago done as a day trip.  But as we mentioned above, we think this trip is way too far to run as a 1 day trip.  I mean we are talking about Chicago!  Besides the Chicago Tastefest itself, you have shopping on the magnificent mile, museums, the Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, and more.  There is just way too much to see and do on a bus trip to Chicago to make this a one day trip.


View of Niagara Falls for our bus trip Our Niagara Falls Overnighter is a trip I want to discuss because this one falls between a sightseeing bus trip and a casino bus trip.  Although we have times set to visit the casinos in the area, there is also time to view the Falls.  Plus we get asked all the time from customers who are more interested in the sights than the casinos.  We want to be clear that when you are on a bus trip with Travel Treasures it’s your trip.  All the time we have people visit Niagara Falls instead of going to the casino and we pick them up along the way.  We just ask that you communicate with your Escort/Tour Director so they are aware that you will not be joining the group so the group is never waiting around.


Shipshewana Day Trip BannerOur Shipshewana bus trip is a perfect example of a trip that can be ran as a bus sightseeing day trip or a 2 day sightseeing trip.  Because the overnight has more time allotted there is a lot more that can be seen.  On the Shipshewana overnight bus tour, you will get to do all the things you would normally do on a day trip to Shipshewana from Michigan but instead of going home after your dinner at Das Dutchman Essenhaus you will be staying in Downtown Shipshewana at Das Dutchman Essenhaus.  That way the second day we can have our local step on bus tour guide take us on a tour of the back roads of Shipshewana that you normally don’t get to see.

Extended Sightseeing Vacations

Click here to see our list of Extended Sightseeing Trips

Washington DC Sightseeing Bus Trip These are the biggest and best tours we offer!  Extended sightseeing adventures include trips that are 3 days or longer.  These tours are not “sightseeing near me” trips. In many instances, extended sightseeing trips are to your furthest locations.  Our Washington DC trip is an example of this.  We’ve seen Washington DC trips from Michigan ran as low as 3 or 4 days long.  We run ours as a 5 day Washington DC bus tour.  This is so you can get the most out of your Washington DC bus trip from Michigan.  Bus tours from Michigan to Washington DC typically run about 9-10 hours before stops.  If this trip was done as a 3 Day Washington DC tour you would get there with only 1 full day left before having to come home.

There are too many details to cover our bus trip to Washington DC but click on the link to visit our page.  However, one major thing I want to bring up is the hotel.  For this particular bus trip to Washington DC in 2020, we are staying at a 4-star hotel right in Washington DC.  This is expected to save between 1-2 hours per day in traffic compared to what many other companies are doing.  Many companies stay outside of Washington DC on their bus trips to save money.  But we found a hotel in Washington DC to give us a deal of a lifetime.  If you’ve wanted to go to Washington DC on a bus trip from Michigan, this is the trip for you.

Michigan metro Detroit Tours to Ark Encounter Although many extended sightseeing tours from Michigan are far, this isn’t always the case.  Sometimes the location isn’t that far but there is a ton to see and do.  An example of this is our Ark Encounter with the Creation Museum bus tour from Michigan.  Again, some companies do this trip as an Ark Encounter Overnight trip.  But the Ark Encounter vacation package offers so much that why would you want to rush through it.  Our bus trips to Noah’s Ark in Kentucky include 1 extra day because you need to the extra time to see everything.  The first day of the tour gives a full day to tour the Creation Museum.  We come home on the third day after an area sightseeing tour with step on bus tour of the Cincinnati, OH with fantastic lunch at a unique German Restaurant.

Although many extended sightseeing tours from Michigan are far, this isn’t always the case.  Sometimes the location isn’t that far but there is a ton to see and do.  An example of this is our Ark Encounter with the Creation Museum bus tour from Michigan.  Again, some companies do this trip as an Ark Encounter Overnight trip.  But the Ark Encounter vacation package offers so much that why would you want to rush through it.  Our bus trips to Noah’s Ark in Kentucky include 1 extra day to give you the time you need to see everything.  The first day of the tour gives a full day to tour the Creation Museum.  We come home on the third day after an area sightseeing tour with step on bus tour of the Cincinnati, OH with fantastic lunch at a unique German Restaurant.

Turnaround Sightseeing Trips

Click here to see our list of Turnaround Sightseeing Trips

New York Shopping Trip Turnaround bus tour This is the final length of a sightseeing tour.  A sightseeing turnaround trip is a Sightseeing tour that is longer than 1 day but does not include a hotel.  The best example of this is the New York Shopping Turnaround Trip.  This New York Bus trip does not include a hotel stay.  We typically depart for this trip to New York on a Friday night and return on Sunday Morning.  So the travelers will sleep on the bus trip to New York and returning from New York.

We do this for two main reasons.  The first reason is to make this a Cheap Bus trips to New York.  Secondly, we do this so it is a short trip so people don’t have to take off of work.  This trip isn’t for everyone. Because of the long drive but those that are looking to get their Christmas shopping bus trip in New York, this is the perfect shopping bus trip.

Rundown of Different Lengths of Sighting Tours

So that is the rundown of the different lengths of Sightseeing Tours. The length of the tour should be a consideration when deciding to travel.  If you are a traveler that has pets or physical limitations. Then maybe a Sightseeing Day trip is the best type of tour for you.  If you’re looking to get out of the area or want a night away. Then a Sightseeing overnight tour is what you are looking for.  And if you are adventurous and want to get out and see the world then we have Extended Sightseeing Trips for you as well.

Whatever sightseeing trip you are looking for, Travel Treasures and Tours should be who you travel with.  We encourage you to compare rates and inclusions on similar trips.  Because we know we have the best rates on almost any trip you are looking for! We’ll have more posts in the future that cover different types of tours like a boat, show, fall colors, etc.


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