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General Policies and Guidelines

Responsibility Clause: Casino Packages, Itineraries, and Inclusions – Travel Treasures & Tours, LLC. acts only as an agent in arranging motorcoach charters, group air, cruise travel, hotel accommodations, meals, tickets, and other services and does not assume any liability for injury, damage, loss, or delay due to any policy or act of any person or entity other than Travel Treasures & Tours, LLC. Our vendors work independently of our influence. Travel Treasures and Tours, LLC. cannot be held liable for any negligence, lack of performance, or changes by any of our vendors, including but not limited to casino packages, motorcoach amenities, type of food, hotel accommodations, or ticket availability. Travel Treasures and Tours, LLC. cannot be held responsible for changes in the itinerary due to weather, traffic, mechanical failure, or similar circumstances beyond our control. TTT reserves the right to make minor changes to the trips to make the trip able to go without prior notice. This includes dates, times, hotel accommodations, menus, inclusions, etc. All information given including but not limited to: marketing material, website, verbal correspondence with TTT representatives, etc, are as accurate as we could have known at the time the information was disseminated. Travel Treasures and Tours LLC. reserves the right to decline acceptance of any person on their tours for any violation of any policies both written here or elsewhere.

Payment Procedures – Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted however there will be a 3% credit card processing fee added to all electronic payments (ie. Credit Card, Debit, etc.).  Although we use PayPal for our online transactions you do not need to have a Paypal account, nor do you need to set up one.  You can check out as a guest and you can pay with a credit card through the PayPal portal.   If paying by check, make payable to: Travel Treasures and Tours and mail to 18385 Dix Toledo Rd, Brownstown, MI 48193. PLEASE write the reservation number in the memo portion of your check or on the top of a money order. There is a minimum $35 fee for returned checks. This $35 fee is expected regardless of whether or not the traveler drops the trip or not. If you are not booking a day trip online, please call to make a reservation before mailing in payment. Deposits are required to hold any bookings. Without a paid deposit reservation are not guaranteed. Final payments are due 30-45 days prior to trip departure. Reservations made inside 30 days will require payment due in full and are based on first come first serve basis.

Motorcoach Seat Assignment Statement – Travel Treasures and Tours has tried many ways to accept seat requests and with high demand for seat requests only increasing, we have come to the decision to charge for a reserved seat. Charges for these seats are based on length of trip and where on the coach the seats are reserved for. Being that the front rows are in highest demand these rows will have the highest cost to reserve. This is all done in an attempt to limit the number of seat requests and to give those who genuinely need a reserved seat the opportunity to get such a seat. These seats are guaranteed by block and not by actual seat number or other factors. We will take detailed seat requests and make every attempt to get the exact seat someone wants. Any paid seats are yours for the duration of the trip. Reserved seats do not mean that the seat next to you is reserved as well. Others may choose to sit next to someone with a reserved seat(s). Everyone should be sitting next to their roommate if it is an overnight trip or next to the other people they came with if it is a day trip unless reserved seats do not allow for this. Travelers who have signed up as singles or odd numbered parties are expected to share a seat on the motorcoach with others. You should not have coats, bags, or other personal items next to you as if to “block” off a seat. The escort will have the final say of any and all disputes. Failure to listen to the escort at any time may be cause for removal from the coach and/or not being allowed to book on future trips. Those removed will not receive any compensation for any parts of a tour missed or for other needs such as transportation, food, and/or accommodations.

Traveling Etiquette – Travel etiquette covers a wide range of topics and even more basic rules to make sure that everyone enjoys the tour they are on. Here are but a few of the many basic rules. Be on time. This begins at the very first pickup and should continue throughout the duration of the trip. Customers who are tardy can run the risk of being left behind without transportation. Customers who are left will not be refunded for portions of the trip they have missed (i.e. Hotel, casino packages, shows, etc) and will not be compensated for any additional cost incurred because the motorcoach had left. Come on the coach with a positive attitude. Negativity is contagious and brings other people down on what may be a very enjoyable trip for them. If you have any issues or concerns, please bring it to the attention of the escort or driver, on your particular trip. They will be more than happy to try and help. Yelling and other disruptions will not be tolerated. Both employees of Travel Treasures and Tours and its vendors should be treated with respect at all times. This includes hotel staff, casino staff, drivers, restaurant employees, etc. As far as seating on a motorcoach, we ask that everyone be respectful of others. TTT uses many different coach companies for transportation during their trips but the rules for the restroom apply to each company the same. With the exception of liquid waste, the bathroom should be limited to emergency uses only. By limiting the use of the bathroom you will make it a much more enjoyable time for all the customers on the motorcoach. Please let the escort or driver know if you or someone in your party would like to schedule a restroom stop. Your fellow passengers will appreciate it in the long term.

Warning! – It is a federal offense, punishable by as much as life imprisonment, for any person to threaten or interfere with the operation of, or to harm or to make any attempt to disable a commercial vehicle or its driver. We reserve the right to refuse to transport any person(s) whose actions the driver or escort deems, to be in violation of law, or any action that would affect the comfort of other passengers or would interfere with the driver’s ability to operate safely. Person’s who are removed will not receive a refund or any compensation for any fees incurred by being removed from the motorcoach.

Casino Age and Identification Policy – Travel Treasures and Tours and its employees are not responsible for checking passenger id’s or verifying passenger ages at any point before or during a trip. Many of the vendors especially casinos require valid identification. The most common identification is a current and valid driver’s license or state ID. Every vendor does have their own policies for other acceptable forms of identification but is up to the customer to make sure that their choice of identification is valid and acceptable for all vendors used during the course of a trip. Many locations TTT visits also have age restrictions. It is up to our customers to ask a TTT representative if you have questions on any policies a vendor may have. Our vendors have the right to turn away or limit their package to anyone who is not able to provide the proper identification they require.

Gratuities – Gratuities are customary for escorts and drivers, however, they are voluntary. They should be given to both the driver and escort based on a job well done on their individual performance, not based on outside circumstances beyond their control. Suggested gratuity guidelines are between $2 to $3 per person, per day for the escort and the same goes for the driver. If you find a driver and/or escort to do an especially good job then increasing the tip is a nice way to show them your appreciation. Likewise, in the event an escort or driver is below expectations, decreasing the tip amount is appropriate. Overnight trips with luggage and/or day trips that are longer and more detailed should also be taken into account when determining how much to tip.

Parking – Travel Treasures and Tours offers several locations for you to park at which we have acquired permission to do so. However, parking in any lot with public access is done so at your own risk. TTT and the owner of the property (i.e. parking facilities) cannot assume any responsibility for theft, damage, vandalism, etc. that might occur to vehicles parked in any lot.

Special Requests – Customers must make TTT aware of any special requirements at the time of booking. These may include but are not limited to, smoking preference, allergies, handicap accessibility, room requests, etc. Any requests will be passed on to the appropriate vendors, however, TTT can not guarantee the fulfillment of any requests because outside vendor’s decisions are outside of our control. With that said, the earlier a request is put in the better chances for a request to be honored.

Alcohol and Smoking Policy – Travel Treasures & Tours, LLC. does not allow smoking of any kind on the bus at any time. Once off the coach, smoking may only be permitted in designated smoking areas away from other passengers. Passengers are allowed to consume alcohol in moderation but must do so responsibly. Excessive use of alcohol will not be allowed. It will be up to the discretion of TTT, its employees, and other vendors being used, on what constitutes excessive use. Travel Treasures and Tours, its employees, and vendors are not responsible for individuals who consume alcohol or their actions. Passengers found to be under the influence are subject to removal from the motorcoach or vendor’s property if it is deemed by a representative to be in their best interest or the interest of others. Those removed will not receive any compensation for any parts of a tour missed or for other needs such as transportation, food, and/or accommodations.  Many of the hotels we visit are now completely smoke-free.  If any vendor determines that a customer or any of their guests were found smoking anywhere that is designated as a non-smoking area it will be that customers responsibility to pay any additional fees or charges before they will be allowed to continue on the tour.  If you do not know if you are in a smoking or non-smoking room, please ask for clarification.  

Lost or Forgotten Items Policy – Please remember to make sure when getting off the coach to have all your personal items with you that you want or need. It is each passenger’s responsibility to make sure that no personal items are left behind on both the coach and/or locations we visit. If items are found on the motorcoach they will be turned into the lost and found here at the office. Any items found can be picked up at our office up to 2 weeks after a trip returns. Travel Treasures and Tours cannot be held responsible for items left on a motorcoach or at a vendor location during or after a trip.

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