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Travel Tips

In order to make sure everyone has an enjoyable trip, below are some helpful tips that Travel Treasures & Tours suggests for everyone.

Dress in Layers – Everyone’s temperature can vary on the bus so we recommend you bring a sweater or light jacket on the coach with you. Some may choose to even bring a little pillow and/or blanket for added comfort. Keep in mind there may be limited space on the coach if filled to capacity. Another thing to keep in mind is wearing comfortable walking shoes. There may be parts of the trip that require extensive walking. Did you know? Changing the temperature on the motorcoach is not as easy as a car. Some motorcoaches have to pull over to flip a valve to change from air conditioning to heat.

Medication on Carry On – Please have any required medications in your carry on with you on the motorcoach. Be sure to bring enough for the duration of your trips and extra in case of an emergency. Additional medications can be stowed in your overnight bag below the motorcoach.

Medical Form – On any trip we recommend everyone carry emergency information along with any medical coverage cards you may have. Always be prepared.

Luggage Tags – On select trips we will supply you with luggage tags which will have your name, departure location, and Travel Treasures and Tours contact information. Please place tags on overnight bags. Due to luggage looking similar, additional marking to your bags may be helpful. For example: Bright color string, band, duct tape

Safety – To ensure a great trip there are a couple safety measures that need to be followed. Please be aware of emergency exits. Most windows, if not all, are an emergency exit. Also there are emergency hatches located on the top of the coach or the front door may be used for emergencies. Every motorcoach is equipped with a fire extinguisher that is located by the driver. While the motorcoach is in motion, please limit standing and walking. The restroom is there for your convenience and can be used at any time. Please hold on to the proper bars overhead to guide you safely. Please ask for assistance if needed.

Additional Information – Feel free to bring books, games, etc. for your enjoyment. Our escort (when on trip) will provide games, movies, snacks, etc. Although we will make stops periodically for food and restroom, you may want to consider bringing a light snack in addition. Especially for those who may be diabetic. Additional stops pending on the duration of the trip will be made. If you have any concerns or issues during a trip, notify escort/driver immediately! For example: Hotel room, temperature control on motorcoach, casino package, meal, etc. Please do not wait till the trip is over to bring up issues. The escort/driver will be more than happy to help rectify the situation at the time of occurrence or as soon as possible.Thank you for taking the time to review these helpful tips. Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any additional questions and/or concerns. (313) 292-6300

Aaron M. Cox
General Manager

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