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Thank you for taking the time to visit our NEW Promotions Page.  This isn’t where the promotions will be listed but this is how you’ll sign up to receive the promo codes, specials, list of trips, and more.  So you’re probably asking yourself “why do I have to sign up for all 3 things?” Well, there are 3 main reasons why.  Each tool has different uses and things it can do.  Certain information, sales, and promotions may be easier to run on one resource than others. Another reason is we need as many resources to get our information to you about our trips.

This brings us to the biggest reason of all… we will most likely be discontinuing our physical mailer/brochure that we have used for years to get our information on our trips, pickups, specials, and etc.  There are several reasons the mailer is disappearing.  As we’ve grown as a company it has become more and more costly to send out our list of trips to you, our valued travelers.  This money can be used to keep trip costs down as vendor prices continue to go up.  The other major issue is that many customers just haven’t received mailers even though they are on the list.  This has been an ongoing issue with no fix in sight.  It doesn’t matter which printing company we use or what post office the mailers get dropped off at.  A large chunk of our customers are not receiving the mailer.  With the advancement of technology, social media, and our awesome new website, now seems like the right time to offer more.

So to ensure you don’t miss out on our specials, deals, promotions, list of trips, and everything else we will be offering,  you are going to want to sign up for as many of these tools as possible.  Because the longer you wait the more you’ll miss out on!

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