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COVID Rules and Policies

Updated COVID Policy: as of 8/1/21

Thank you for your interest in traveling with TTT.  We greatly appreciate your business.  The health and safety of our travelers and employees have always been paramount to our company.  TTT has always and will continue to take any reasonable measures to ensure everyone’s safety.  This includes increased cleaning measures and even closing our doors until a vaccine was readily available to our travelers and staff.  TTT will continue to monitor the current pandemic situation and will follow any guidelines, mandates, regulations, laws, and recommendations to the furthest extent possible while maintaining operations.  At this time we are only requiring masks during the duration of the motorcoach trip.  Each location/destination we visit will have its own rules that must be followed.  As the pandemic eases or grows, additional or removal of policies may occur.  By signing up for any trip a traveler agrees that they understand that they must follow any rules or policies of TTT and the locations visited upon the trip.  This includes the use of masks to limit the spread of COVID and other transmittable diseases.  At this time TTT does not require proof of vaccination and hopes to continue not requiring this.  However, TTT reserves the right to introduce and implement any policies it sees fit or that are either; mandated, required, or even suggested by a government agency, whether Federal, State, or Local.  These include guidance from any government laws and agencies including but not limited to the CDC, MDHHS, or applicable policies or Governor’s Orders. This may include proof of vaccination or COVID testing.  If any individual can not follow or abide by any TTT or destination policies, whether known at the time of booking or implemented afterward, due to any reason stated above, they will be removed from the trip with no reimbursement owed to them.  TTT will try and notify the individual that booked the trip if there are any changes to any policies.  TTT will also offer a transfer of funds paid for a trip if, at the time of notification of a new policy, restriction, rule, etc. the individual notifies that they (and any guests under their booking) will not be able to abide by the new policy, restrictions, rule, etc.  TTT will not offer or allow for any refunds at this time.  Only transfer of funds for the reasons stated in this policy.  A full transfer of funds will only take place if there are no expenses incurred for the removal of travelers.  This includes but is not limited to tickets, hotel accommodations, meals, etc.  It is the responsibility of any and all individuals to inform any people that are traveling with them under their booking of any policies or procedures.  Furthermore, If any TTT Bus trip is canceled directly or indirectly, due to COVID, no monies will be lost.  However, any monies paid will not be refunded directly.  Any monies paid will be placed on account for use towards a future trip.  These funds also have no expiration date and are transferable to other travelers with permission from the individual who made the payment.  Although we hope to limit any additional policies or procedures, as mentioned before, our customers’ and employees’ safety is of the utmost importance to us.  If you have any questions we fully understand.  Please don’t hesitate to call us at 313-295-8466 or email us at [email protected]

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